By Mudasir Jan, student of the Master in Clinical Audiology and Hearing Therapy


Mudasir Jan, student of the Master in Clinical Audiology and Hearing Therapy, analyzes in his thesis the effectiveness of auditory-verbal therapy in the development of language in children with severe to profound hearing loss.
For that purpose, five cases have been selected from the patient database of Perfect Hearing Solutions, a hearing and speech centre located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir in India.
The selection has been made strictly on the basis of cases of severe to profound hearing loss without any other neurological or physical deficits.
Auditory training methods and case evaluation scores before and after auditory-verbal therapy were then compared using CEFL-4. The outcome of this study indicates that, auditory verbal therapy brings positive improvement in the language development of hearing impaired child, particularly in receptive language.

Download the full Research Work: Mudasir Jan (2018). Auditory verbal training for children with severe to profound hearing loss. SAERA


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