By Nadine Currey, Audiometrist and student of the Master in Clinical Audiology and Hearing Therapy


For people with hearing loss, the ability to understand speech and communicate effectively is greatly diminished. Hearing aids can provide amplification to address the deficit associated with hearing loss; however, their ability to comprehend this information is often flawed. Given that individuals with similar audiometric results report variability of outcomes following hearing aid fitting, consideration needs to be given to other forms of complimentary therapies such as auditory training. Auditory training has been provided to people with hearing loss for decades and the delivery models have evolved over time, but the goal has always been to provide activities that aim to optimize speech perception, improve the ability to pick up acoustic cues and provide compensation for hearing deficit.

The current study consists of a review of literature to investigate whether inclusion of auditory training in an aural rehabilitation program provides additional benefit to adult hearing aid wears compared to rehabilitation programs that provide hearing aids alone. The level of evidence accepted was randomized controlled trials, within-participant repeated measure and before and after group design. Thirty-two studies were identified during the computerised database search; eighteen articles were reviewed with only five meeting selection criteria. The studies selected demonstrated improved performance on behavioural outcomes following auditory training in four of the five studies, however effects were modest and evidence was of low study quality. Future research needs to focus on high quality evidence and provide homogeneity across study models.

Keywords: Auditory Training; Aural Rehabilitation Hearing Impaired; Auditory
Rehabilitation; Hearing Loss; Hearing Aids.

Download the full Research Work: Nadine Currey (2019). Beyond hearing aids, is there a role for Auditory Training – A Systematic Review. SAERA


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