Master´s Thesis of Sounak Choudhuri, Pediatric Optometrist and student of SAERA (Master in Clinical Optometry and Vision Therapy).



To measure and compare the distance stereoacuity of corrected myopic and hypermetropic children between 6-12 years.


Distance Stereoacuity testing was performed by using Distance RandotRStereotest (manufactured by Stereo Optical Company, Inc.)in twenty-five children with corrected myopia(n=25)and twenty-five children with corrected hypermetropia (n=25) and compare the median value of these two groups.


Distance Stereoacuity was equal in both the groups. (Myopia:Median= 100 arc sec; Hypermetropia: Median= 100 arc sec)


The distance stereoacuity in corrected eyes is not affected by the type of the refractive error i.e. Myopia or Hypermetropia.

Keywords: Stereoacuity; Stereopsis; Myopia; Hypermetropia

Download the full Research Work: Sounak Choudhuri (2018). Comparison of Distance stereoacuity in corrected Myopic and Hypermetropic children. SAERA


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