By Chandrakanta Jain, student of the Master in Clinical Audiology and Hearing Therapy


Hearing impairment substantially affects the child’s ability to normally acquire the spoken language, school performance, cognitive, social and emotional growth. The aim of this research is to study the prevalence of hearing disorders in school going children. In this research study, 2000 school going children of age group 4 to 15 years are screened by a specially designed questionnaire and affected children are scientifically observed and tested by otoscope, audiometer and tympanometer.

Results show that middle ear diseases are the main cause of hearing impairment in school going children, especially in low and middle socio-economic status. Therefore, it is recommended to include hearing screening of school-age children in annual school health programs.      

Download the full research study here: ChandraKanta Jain (2020). Early Detection and Prevention of Hearing Impairment in School Going Children. SAERA


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