By Gabriel Yazbeck, student of the Master in Clinical Audiology and Hearing Therapy


Introduction: the present study thoroughly examined the impact of various factors, including social environment and motivation, age, gender, cost, binaural versus monaural hearing aid use, daily hearing aid utilization hours, hearing handicap, and hearing impairment on the overall hearing satisfaction on adults in Lebanon. The investigation involved a comprehensive review of the relevant literature and a comparison with a sample population in Lebanon.

Method: audiological books, Research Gate, PubMed Central, Google Scholar and the author’s library were used to select resources. Sources gotten from the internet were written by either certified medical audiologists or ear nose throat physicians, and published on reliable sites, in referred publications or on professional organizations sites. Instructors at the American University of Beirut and certified hearing specialists currently working in the audiological field were also consulted to gain a more appropriate insight on the Lebanese data. Credibility, validity, reliability, and transferability of all the sources were deeply examined in this literature review.

Results found: motivation, cost, binaural fitting, hearing impairment and handicap and HA utilization were found to have a significant impact on overall satisfaction. Findings suggest that HA satisfaction may vary over time and between countries and regions.

Conclusion: a thorough, multifaceted, and holistic strategy is required, examining all factors co-dependently rather than individually. Instead of using a single-item test, a complete, standardized approach to assessing HA satisfaction can aid in the identification of significant related variables.

Download the full Research Work: Gabriel Yazbeck (2023). Hearing Aid Satisfaction among Adults with Hearing Impairment in Lebanon. SAERA

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