By Francisco Pérez Cañete, Optometrist and student of the Master in Clinical Optometry and Vision Therapy


Objective: To compare the visual results in the first month after the implantation of an EDOF intraocular lens.

Place: Ophthalmology Clinic Oftalmocor (private clinical practice), Córdoba (Spain).

Methods: This prospective, randomized study, masked by the examiner included 20 eyes of 20 patients 5 of them for each lens model. The average age was (67.96 ± 5.88 years of age). All patients underwent cataract surgery with implantation of an intraocular lens with Extended Depht of Focus (EDOF) technology. The studied lenses were MiniWell (SIFI), Precizon Presbyopic (Opthec), Symfony (J & J) and LARA (Zeiss) between May and July 2018. A monocular defocusing curve was made of each IOL evaluated one month after surgery.

Results: Of the ERV lenses, the CTF lenses (Precizon Presbyopic intraocular lens) achieved better postoperative AV: These visual acuities were found on average at distance with AVCC logMAR 0.05 ± 0.02, for intermediate vision AVCC logMAR 0.17 ± 0.04 and for near vision AVCC logMAR 0.38 ± 0.18. 

Conclusion: The ERV LIOS are an alternative to the intervention of cataracts to have certain independence at distances of far, intermediate and near. Being the CTF the best solution to surgery offers in intermediate and close. 

Keywords: Continuous transition lens; Extended focus lens; Multifocal lens; Presbyopia; IOL. 

AUTHORS 1: Francisco Pérez Cañete. [1,2]; AUTHORS 2: Rafael Barañano Alcaide. [1]
COLLABORATOR 1: Rafael Pérez Cambrodí. [3]; COLLABORATOR 2: Belén Giménez Alcántara. [1]
GROUP LEADER: Dr. Miguel Giménez De La Linde. [4]

[1] Optometrist in Clínica Oftalmocor (Córdoba, España).
[2] Optometrist Visionlab Group(Córdoba, España).
[3] Optometrist in Hospital Oftalmar (Alicante, España ). Master´s tutor SAERA
[4] Ophthalmologist and head of the Clinical research group Oftalmocor (Córdoba, España).

Keywords: Optometry, Protocol, Vision examination, School-age children, Dyslexic children

Download the full Research Work: Francisco Pérez Cañete (2019) Comparison of visual results after implantation of extended focus intraocular lenses (EDOF) in cataract surgery. SAERA

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