By Sana ShareefMaster in SLP and Learning Difficulties student.


The aim of the present research was to explore the intonation pattern in native and non-native Malayalam speakers, and the objectives include assessing native and non-native Malayalam speakers, compare the responses in males and females and compare the response across age groups. A total of 40 participants in the age range of 8-30 years old were taken and divided into 2 groups based on males and females. Each group consisted of 20 participants. The participants of group 1 consist of 10 males and 10 females (native speakers) and the participants of group 2 consist of 10 males and 10 females (non-native speakers). They were subjected to sentences written on cards one by one and instructed to produce the sentence. The tasks were visually presented by the examiner at a constant distance of 10 cm away from the participant’s eyes, while the participants were required to generate the responses verbally. An acoustical analysis was done using PRAAT software to assess the significance across the age groups. The results revealed that there is reduced mean pitch, reduced pitch range and differences in pitch patterns in non-native speakers compared to native Malayalam speakers.

Download the full Research Work: Sana Shareef (2022). Intonation Pattern in Native and Non-native Malayalam Speakers SAERA


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