By Aysha S. Hollingdale, student of the Master in Clinical Audiology and Hearing Therapy


Non–organic hearing loss (NOHL) involves inconsistencies in a hearing test that raises suspicions of authenticity. These can be challenging to manage depending on the reason for the evaluation. This literature review located and synthesised existing practical strategies for Australian hearing care professionals (HCPs) working in retail clinics to identify, detect and manage non–organic hearing loss (NOHL). Academic articles between 2000–2020 were reviewed from PubMed and Google Scholar—26 articles were included after preliminary reading. NOHL can be detected to a degree without referring on unnecessarily, by routinely using standard equipment. Recognising the reasons for the audiological evaluation, basic psychological motivations and behavioural indicators in the clinic, assists HCPs to better manage NOHL cases.     

Keywords: Non–organic hearing loss, Audiometry, Acoustic Reflexes, Otoacoustic Emissions

Download the full research study here: Aysha S. Hollingdale (2020). Non-Organic Hearing Loss, Practical Strategies for the Retail Hearing Care Professional. SAERA


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