By Abdallah Khamayseh, student of the Master in Clinical Audiology and Hearing Therapy


The aim of the study is to investigate parental perspectives on cochlear implantation and the process of making such a decision on behalf of their children. The questionnaire was developed in Arabic to assess the worries and difficulties experienced by the parents while deciding to implant for their children. The questionnaire was conducted under the supervision of an expert committee composed of consultants of speech and hearing diseases, and with recent developments in the medical devices industry, including cochlear devices, as well as the training of doctors, However, parents or guardians are still delaying and even avoiding it. There are many reasons that could turn them away, including the high cost of the procedure and the long-lasting rehabilitation sessions required afterward. To understand the main factors that may turn parents away from cochlear implantation, this questionnaire was developed with the five main components in mind (surgery, cost, rehabilitation, and decision-making). A cross-sectional study was conducted, and they were recruited via different social media channels. Data analysis was carried out using chi-square with the quality of relevance. The results showed that the important factor that raised fear in the minds of parents is the cost and price of cochlear devices and their accessories. In addition, there was a fear of lack of specialized cadres in some regions and cities due to the lack of centers that provide such services in the fields of audiology and speech and language rehabilitation

Keywords: cochlear implant, surgery, MRI, complications, gene therapy.

Download the full Research Work: Abdallah Khamayseh (2023)-Parental Fears of Cochlear Implants in Saudi Arabia. SAERA


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