By Alessandro Toschino, Optician and Optometrist and student of the Master in Clinical Optometry and Vision Therapy


This study aims, through a review of the literature, to consider the main components of a protocol of an eye and vision examination for school-age children with dyslexia or reading problems. A comparison was made between the guideline proposed by the American Optometric Association (AOA) and other studies in which the optometric values significant in the evaluation of this category of children were sought. These are the accommodation amplitude, the accommodation facility and fusional vergence ranges. In addition, the importance of an evaluation of aspects that link vision to learning was stressed: the assessment of visual information processing skills acquires crucial importance for children with dyslexia or reading problems. A new approach to the problem is proposed, expanding the field of research of the optometrist and recommending a multidisciplinary work for a correct and complete visual examination for these children.

Keywords: Optometry, Protocol, Vision examination, School-age children, Dyslexic children.

Download the full Research Work: Alessandro Toschino (2019). Protocols for visual examination in school age-children with dyslexia or reading problems, a literature review. SAERA


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