By Laura Moarbes, Speech Therapist and student of the Master in Applied Neuroscience (Neurological Speech Therapy)


In Lebanon, as in many multilingual countries, the evaluation of written language is a complicated task due to the absence of standardized tools calibrated on the Lebanese population. In order to help speech pathologists understand the development of second-language reading and to set up effective and adapted care based on a reliable diagnosis, a pilot study was started on the basis of the French ODEDYS battery. This study aims particularly to explore the development of word reading, working memory (WM), as well as their possible links. The study population is made up of a group of dyslexic and normal development children ranging from 8 to 10 years old. The results obtained in the tests show that the identification of written words is not necessarily linked to the development of WM and that multilingualism does not necessarily influence cognitive abilities, more particularly the working memory.

Key-words: Lebanon – Reading assessment – regular words – non-words – working memory.

Download the full Research Work: Laura Moarbes (2020). Reading and Working Memory Skills in Students with Dyslexia and Normal Written Language Development in Lebanon within a Multilingual Society


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