By Marian Ahmed Sheikh Nur student of the Master in Clinical Optometry and Vision Therapy


Convergence insufficiency (CI) is a common dysfunction of binocular vision characterized by exophoria more prominent at near than at distance. It also has a receded near point of convergence and reduced positive fusional vergence at near and low accommodative convergence ratios. The Stroop color and word test assesses cognitive processing and provides valuable diagnostic information on brain dysfunction and cognition. These five-minute tests in which the individual reads aloud a succession of words designated by color (red, green, orange, yellow) written in the same way (for example, red printed in red) or in a different way (red printed in blue). This mismatch leads to the Stroop effect. This focuses on the concept of the interference effect when the brain is given a task involving conflicting signals. This study sought to determine the relationship between CI and ST. A total of fifty subjects with aided visual acuity better than 6/12 (20/40) in Al-Ihsan Specialist Hospital, Mogadishu, Somalia were recruited for this experimental study, of which 26 of them were diagnosed with convergence insufficiency while the remaining 24 had no vergence dysfunction, with a mean age of 25.62(+4.19) and 23.17(+3.96) years respectively. Their visual acuity, near point of convergence, accommodation amplitude, and color vision were assessed, and a Stroop card was given to all. The interference effect of those with CI and those without CI was determined with an unpaired T-test. The mean difference between the two groups i.e. 7.6 secs was significant (p=0.00) at a 95% confidence level and even at 99% confidence. There was a very strong correlation between the near point of convergence and IE in the group with CI (r = 0.92, p = 0.00). In conclusion, CI affected the individuals’ performance on the ST as those with CI had a significantly higher interference effect than the normal subjects.

Keywords: Convergence insufficiency; Near point of convergence; Amplitude of accommodation; Interference effect; Stroop test.

Download the full Research Work: Marian Ahmed Sheikh Nur (2023). Relationship between convergence insufficiency and Stroop test. SAERA

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