By Rozana A. KeswaniClinical Technical Specialist and student of the Master in Clinical Audiology and Hearing Therapy


This review consists of various studies analysis about cochlear implant remote mapping effectiveness in nucleus cochlear implant patients, for all ages, through specific equipment by experienced cochlear implant audiologists.

Purpose: the aim of this literature review is to spotlight multiple research studies and discuss whether Remote Mapping via Tele audiology in nucleus CI patients is equivalent to traditional in person programming for all ages.

Results: no significant differences were found for MCL, THR, audiometry and speech understanding for either remote or local fitting. Remote fittings took slightly longer than local fittings when only the fitting time itself was measured.

Conclusions: the results suggest that tele fitting was well received by CI users and is a viable alternative to local Mapping, even in young children with CIs. Although there are some limitations in terms of adaptability, tele fitting could be an effective means of delivering CI service to remote locations.

Keywords: remote programming, remote fitting, teleaudiology, cochlear implant, telehealth, telemedicine

Download the full Research Work: Rozana A. Keswani (2022). Remote Mapping via Tele audiology in Cochlear Implant Patients. SAERA


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