By Nikolaos Damaskos, Speech Language Therapist and student of the Master in Speech-Language Pathology and Lerning Difficulties


The importance of early intervention in speech and language of children with difficulties has been well documented.
Early intervention for children 0-5 years old in risk of Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) proves to be challenging.

We address the importance to communicate the need for reliable and valid screening tools for DLD, convergent with recent findings, and discuss implications deriving from the nature of the disorder and the lack of sufficient research data. Screening for preschool children is very common for Speech and Language Therapists, but it is not performed with standard practices, especially when considering professionals working in different countries.

Keywords: Developmental Language Disorder, Speech Delay, Screening Tools, Screening, Early Intervention,

Download the full Research Work: Damaskos Nikolaos (2022). Screening tools for Developmental Language Disorder for children


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