By Xara Maroutsou, student of the Master in Clinical Optometry and Vision Therapy


The application of the method of Vision Training (VT) in the field of sports and specifically in football was studied, surveying modern bibliography. Amazing vision is required by the professional athletes to perform well in their sports, and numerous of them have turned to vision preparing programs as a way to enrich their conventional preparing regimen. The developing hone of ‘sports vision training’ depends on the idea that hone with requesting visual perceptual, cognitive, or oculomotor errands can move forward the capacity to prepare and react to what is seen, subsequently progressing wear execution. This undertaking is not essentially modern, but has been advanced incredibly within the past few years by unused computerized innovation that can be applied to characteristic preparing exercises, by perceptual-learning-inspired preparing programs, and by virtual reality recreations that can reproduce and increase wearing settings to advance certain sports-specific visual and cognitive capacities. These made strides capacities may, in turn, instill a competitive advantage on the playing field, underscoring the potential esteem of these approaches. This article surveys developing approaches, innovations and patterns in sports vision preparing.

Keywords:  Vision Training, football players, athlete’s gaze, practice, behavior, visual skills.

Download the full Research Work: Maroutsou, X. (2023). Vision training and its effect on the performance of athletes. The case of football players. SAERA – School of Advanced Education, Research and Accreditation.

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