By Georgia Paraskevaidu, student of the Master in Clinical Optometry and Vision Therapy


This paper is a literature review of existing bibliography on the subject of accommodative dysfunctions and their methods of treatment, focusing more on vision training. The current study reviewed more than one hundred scientific articles, of which forty-four were included in the bibliography, with the goal to prove that vision therapy is a legitimate form of treatment for accommodative dysfunctions. The way the accommodative system functions and its possible dysfunctions are analyzed and researched in order to investigate the hypothesis. This literature review shows the effectiveness of vision therapy as a treatment method for accommodative dysfunctions. Frequently, in fact, it is indicated as the primary method of treatment, outweighing other options.

Download the full Research Work: Georgia Paraskevaidu (2022). Vision Training as a Treatment Option for Accommodative Dysfunctions. SAERA


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