By Fatema M. Presswala, Speech Therapist and student of the Master in Paediatric Speech and Language Therapy


By definition, voice fatigue can be considered as the irritation that happens to the voice due to poor health as well as other causative factors like talking for a long period of time. When it occurs, voice fatigue may have a drastic impact on the health of professionals such as teachers. Due to that, many researchers have empirically investigated the impact of voice fatigue but no such research has been conducted to determine how it affects Indian teachers.

Thus, this dissertation employed the VFI scale to investigate the impact and prevalence of voice fatigue amongst Indian teachers using a sample of 40 professional teachers selected from various educational sectors in India. The results of the analysis provided strong empirical evidence indicating that the prevalence of voice fatigue is highest among Indian teachers in all educational sectors and it is negatively affecting the effectiveness of the information verbal transmission. In addition, the results further indicated that the prevalence and effect of voice fatigue are greatly experienced by home tutors, primary school teachers, secondary school teachers, and college professors.

Keywords: Indian teachers, Voice Fatigue, Voice Fatigue Index, Voice Handicap Index.

Download the full research study here: Fatema M. Presswala (2020). Vocal Fatigue in Indian Teachers Using VFI Scale. SAERA


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